Ruski boys (and girls)

Ovo je citat sa jednog ruskog expat foruma  a tice se moje omiljene teme: ruski muskarci (i njihove frizure).  Tema je inace o tome kako prici ruskim zenama. Sve sto pise je susta istina. Prenosim tekst u potpunosti :)

speaking of russian beauties… it IS true that the streets of moscow are filled with tall, impossibly long-legged supermodel types (without even a gram of cellulite) parading around in their ultra-slutty stillettos and often blatantly whorish clothes, bleached hair, fake bakes (artificial suntans), and manicured/pedicured nails. (just telling it like it is–i DID say they were gorgeous as supermodels–and i am AMAZED at how they negotiate those cobblestoned streets without breaking their ankles, or even necks. that’s skill!)
now contrast this with how HOPELESSLY UGLY most russian MEN are. you foreign guys really got it good here! i hope you are thanking God every night in your bedtime prayers. the men are as plentifully ugly as the women are abundantly beautiful. and, i am told, the women OUTNUMBER the men 3:1. then, because it’s not enough to be NATURALLY unattractive, the ruski boys have to get the dorkiest (and most dated) haircuts possible. is there no social responsibility amongst the RUSSIAN HAIRSTYLIST COMMUNITTY? why don’t they just say, “NO, it’s against my principles as a professional to make you look even worse. now, let’s try something that will IMPROVE your look..” ??? i personally know a ruski whom i think is a cool guy in a TOTALLY PLATONIC buddy kind of way, and although he is ugly AND badly-dressed with long, greasy hair (at least it’s not the typical too-short bangs or mullet, i guess) and a scrawny bod, he is a LOTHARIO (womanizer, playboy, cassanova, etc.)!!! he has 2 girlfriends that we KNOW about, and one of them i’ve met and she is a HOTTIE AND 19 WHILE HE IS UGLY AND 31. (he’s not rich, either, lives in a shoebox, drives an old car. neither is he particularly charming–unless you find dropping the “F” bomb often, pretending to be Black when you are SUPER WHITEY, and womanizing charming.) just write a BIG “DUH?” on my forehead and find someone to explain things to me patiently, SLOOOOOWLY, so it all has time to penetrate through my cranium into the cerebellum…..uh, i mean CEREBRUM. see how you have to say things slowly to me?

Zao mi je samo sto nikako ne mogu da ilustrujem fotografijama the dorkies haircuts ever (shishke+repovi) kojima sam svakodnevno fascinirana. Al nabavicu foke, obecavam.

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22 Responses to Ruski boys (and girls)

  1. LLara says:

    Ja sm u izazovu da ti posaljem za blog neke licne slike koje pokazuju da cak i ruski muskarci koji u nekom momentu mladosti izgledaju really hot, posle samo nekoliko godina, tipa u 30, izgledaju kao zapustene debele samozadovoljne kafandzije;)

  2. hahahah extra citat! da ne poverujes koliko je tragi-lomicno!!! frizure imam u glavi, nisam sigurna da zelim da ih vidim, dodatno ;)

  3. LLara says:

    Otkud mi izraz ‘u izazovu’? Htedoh valjda reci ‘u iskusenju’. Ponela me tema, sta li

  4. Super tekst :) Slikaj ih krosom pa postavi ovde neku fotkicu.
    Nije ni cudo za taj odnos 3:1 kada su svi muski izginuli tokom Drugog svetskog rata.

  5. elektrokuhinja says:

    Laro, dakle su slike? Salji!

    Ominotago, meni je ta riba zvucala kao da je toliko ogorcena i besna, mozda je ocekivala vise od ruskih muskaraca kad je dosla ovde. Mullet and bangs. Pa se razocranje nakupljalo godinama i ispoljilo u jednom postu na forumu.

    Tihomire, hocu, al mi sve neprijatno. I dalje sam pravi turista, iako sam ovde vec tri meseca. Sto je najgore, mislim da turista nikad necu prestati da budem :)

  6. LLara says:

    Elektro, prica je vise za uz pivo:)

  7. elektrokuhinja says:

    Laro, htedoh reci odakle su slike? Vidim da sam gresku napravila.

  8. elektrokuhinja says:

    I, da, svrati na pivo kadgod hoces :)

  9. Siboney says:

    Da li hairstyle muških na koncu nije toliko bitan? Da li je grupa usvojila lokalni standard za “lepo”? Padaju mi na pamet žene iz plemena (u Africi?) gde buše donju usnu i umeću one drvene pločice, što većeg obima, i to smatraju lepim i poželjnim.

    Za mene je fascinantno kako je standard lepote ruskih žena ipak ostao tako visok…

  10. ali zene vole takve frizure ;)

  11. elektrokuhinja says:

    Sib, pogodio si u zicu. Poenta je sto se ta frizura (kod nas popularno zvana sabanjerka) ovde smatra ocigledno vrlo in detaljem. Najsmesnija mi je situacija mog kolege koja se zove:Prvi put u rusiju na sisanje: odlazi kod frizera, mlad i neuk, frizer ga pita kako da ga osisa, kaze on na kratko. Kaze frizer, kako na kratko? Kaze on skroz na kratko. Kaze frizer (uspaniceno) i siske??? Mladi kolega ga gleda zblanuto: da, i siske!

  12. elektrokuhinja says:

    bslp, i to je fascinantno, zar ne?

  13. rossanna says:

    haha, svidja mi se ovo o frizerima, sto se ne ujedine i kao profesionalci odbiju da prave takve frizure….mozda oni smatraju da je to neki standard…dok ocito svi furaju isto. Pa i zenske su onda po meni prilicno uniformisane u tom svom stilu “supermodela”…..anna

  14. DEDA says:

    Cim nabavis foke, svracam ponovo,lol…

  15. Spartak says:

    Uh, vala imao sam slican problem u Poljskoj. Tamo je moderno da imate cubu a sa strane nista. vala nisam smeo da odem i da se osisam.

    Sto se tice momaka, ne interesuju me, ali ta tvoja buduca cimerka… :D

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  17. Oleg, Kaliningrad, Russia says:

    Best place in your quatation is certainly: “How hopelessly ugly most Russian men are”…Well it means it’s time for me to look at the mirror since I’m Russian man. :) I’m 36, I have pretty nice 29 years old girlfriend. Probably it sounds fun for you but she still find me relatively attractive:) I hope she has missed this website:)
    And now I’m at work, I’m looking around to see my male collegues more precisely…Well, no one of them compares with Alain Delon of 1967 year edition… but they are not ugly!! Certainly they are NOT UGLY:)
    What can I say, boys? Just “How hopelessly ugly people who live inside their stereotypes” Take it easy – everything is OK with Russian men)))

  18. Oleg, I just put the quotation. Surely I’ve seen a lot of attractive russian guys, but I have to admit, that serbian boys do look better, compared to the majority.
    Oh, if only russian boys change a bit their hairstyle and clothes I believe they’d look much better. :)
    I am glad that there are exeptions :). Maybe I should move to Kaliningrad? :D

  19. Oleg, Kaliningrad, Russia says:

    Hi again (sorry, I don’t know your name.. but “elektrokuhinija” means for my russianthinking mind something bit different than pretty Serbian girl:)
    I’ve understood it was quatation of someone’s point of view, and even it seems extremaly controversial, anyway it was interesting to know about.
    Thank you for you note about exeptions:)
    I suppose if we mean “Russian boys” we mean very wide variaty of men’s types we can meet on the such a huge piece of Earth. Some of them live in countryside, some ones live in poverty, some are very indifferent to their exterior)) But I have an eyes too.. And I never could say that MOST Russian men ugly. Yeah a big part of them misses style magazins and knows nothing about discount days in shopping malls but nevertheless they are NOT UGLY.
    We can’t say such a things about whole nations at least because of exeption (as you know there are an exeptions in Russia)) and because it seems very similar to kinda social racism. If someone thinks that we here in Russia generally have a problems with hairstyle and clothes, lets agree – at least we can’t be named UGLY people:)
    I never have been in Serbia but I really doubt that most of Serbian boys visit stylists weekly. And I ‘ve been in a lot of European couhtries. If we talk about ordinary people (not rich people, not showmen etc), I never seen a huge difference in comparison with Russia.. I saw many young western european men in old dirty clothes with grease hair, they visit university lectures, eat in cafes, meet their girlfriends and feel themselves free. And I’m far enough from thoughts to consider them ugly too.
    OK..anyway it is just my point of view and someone thinks otherwise. But I’m not sure that the generalization and demonization are the right way for someone to try describe a such big nation as Russian:)
    Well…Lets take it easy:)
    And finally…You certainly should visit Kaliningrad. Our city and our men are charming:)
    Have a nice day!

  20. Oleg, the thing is that the tastes are different. And for me those hairstyles just look bad. (in the later posts you can see photos). So, I suppose that it’s a culture-thing. I accepted that such haircuts are normal here, and probably russian woman like them, but I’m, sorry, I just don’t. Plus I’m not russian. Maybe russian women wouldn’t like our men, I don’t know…

    But hey, different cultures are why this whole world is so interesting!
    Have a nice day, too. :)

  21. Oleg, Kaliningrad, Russia says:

    Thank you for nice golden words:-)
    Peaceful existing of different cultures is important and maybe basic thing for modern sociaty. And you are very right here, it’s just matter of someone’s taste:-)
    As well as for my “taste” word UGLY sounds too much offensive if it used by someone for sticking to whole nation (I’m emphasize again I’m not talking about you personally since we just discussed a quotation:-)
    Nevertheless I feel we’ve made it all clear :-)
    It was very pleasant to be involved in a discussion with such an interesting girl! Have a nice stay in Russia

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